Announcing our newest Assent Publishing authors

Kurt Schuett, Tom Lyons, Bette Golden Lamb, and Christina Bergling

Kurt Schuett

Bad Day Books is pleased to announce the signing of author Kurt Schuett and his thrilling horror novel Insurgency. Mr. Schuett knew early on that he wanted to write and upon graduating from high school, he won the Gwendolyn Brooks Award for Poetry in 1993. This honor, coupled with professional publication of The First Time in The American Goat literary anthology in 1993 and Harmony literary magazine, where he won the esteemed Guy Cooper Poetry award for Tree House Blues, all fueled the realization that he could and should write. He dabbled in everything from poetry and short works of fiction to professional essays and lengthier works of fiction both during and after his undergraduate studies. Support from his parents, compounded by the fact that his father was a Golden Apple Award Winning Teacher, strengthened his love for the written word.

In his new apocalyptic thriller Insurgency, Alan, a coed Gen Xer with OCD, gets roofied with the synthetic drug Red Phase at a local dive bar. Waking up at home the next morning and feeling odd after a disturbing night’s sleep inundated with nightmares, Alan discovers physical evidence that might indicate he massacred an entire bar’s worth of patrons. And unbeknownst to him, his actions will have an immediate and profound effect on the G20 Summit being held in Chicago. What if Alan is the only thing standing between the President and an assassination attempt on his life at the G20 Summit? Insurgency is the 2013 Bad Day Books Rogue Writing Contest winner.

Mr. Schuett completed his undergraduate in English at Culver-Stockton College before tackling a Masters of Education at Graceland University. Currently, he is entering his seventeenth year as an educator, formerly a German instructor and presently a high school English teacher working in the suburbs of Chicago. He lives in the northern suburb of Libertyville, Illinois.

Look for Insurgency in 2014.

Tom Lyons

Bad Day Books is pleased to announce the signing of author Tom Lyons and his suspenseful mystery series Cold War Chronicles. Mr. Lyons has been a writer for over forty years. His writing credits include The Spy Living Among Us, a 1987 mystery novel, and a series of business books. He has also written a number of articles and books on sports instruction.

In the San Francisco Bay Area at the end of World War II, Doctor James T. Palmer, a nuclear physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project disappears. JT Palmer, his twenty-eight year old son, tries to uncover what happened to his father. Still on active Navy duty, JT was a Master-at-arms (Military Police) aboard the ill-fated USS Indianapolis. Is Palmer’s disappearance connected to his work on developing the first atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan?

Shark in the Water: Book 1 of the Cold War Chronicles is Mr. Lyons’ first historical fiction suspense novel. A nationally ranked senior amateur golfer, he lives with his wife and family in Northern California. Shark in the Water – Book #1 of the Cold War Chronicles is a 2013 Bad Day Books Rogue Writing Contest finalist.

Look for Shark in the Water in 2014.

Bette Golden Lamb

Farther Books is pleased to announce the signing of author Bette Golden Lamb and her intriguing science fiction novel Rx Deferred. Ms. Lamb is an RN, three-dimensional artist, and writer. She claims to need all of these disciplines to stay out of trouble. Her art works have appeared in numerous national shows and are mostly held in private collections. She lives with her husband, J.J., in Northern California, but was raised in the Bronx, which is probably why she likes to write dark and gritty novels. The third of the Gina Mazzio RN medical thriller series, Bone Pit, was recently released. The series, plus two other novels, were written with J. J.

In Rx Deferred, the bloodless Corporate-Government War of 2020 resulted in a global dictatorship concentrating all wealth and power into the private sector. Their legacy? Enslavement of the masses and an Earth that is dying day by day. Twenty years ago, Ms. Lamb had the idea for a near future, dystopian medical thriller. Even then, she named it, Rx Deferred. The book is now written and to her astonishment—it’s all starting to come true.

Look for Rx Deferred in 2014.

Christina Bergling

Bad Day Books is pleased to announce the signing of author Christina Bergling and her gripping horror novel Savages. Ms. Bergling knew she wanted to be a writer in the fourth grade. In college, she studied English with a Professional Writing emphasis. Her creative nonfiction class yielded two pieces that were later published—Tell Me About Your First Time in the college literary magazine riverrun and How to Kill Yourself Slowly on

In Savages, two survivors travel the ruins of post-apocalyptic America. He remains convinced other survivors are out there, humans who did not become the savages all around them. She follows him, haunted and conflicted, lusting after him, as he pushes them west. Together they navigate the remains of society, until one discovery changes everything. Savages is a 2013 Bad Day Books Rogue Writing Contest finalist.

Ms. Bergling published the short story Death and Other Disappointments while working as a technical writer for a Department of Defense contractor. That job took her to Iraq for one rotation, which cracked her mind open to a whole new perspective and started infecting her writing. She blogged from Iraq and during pregnancy and now continues another blog centered on running.

Look for Savages in 2014.

Welcome Christina, Tom, and Kurt!!!

John Reinhard Dizon

Bad Day Books is pleased to announce the signing of author John Reinhard Dizon and his intense horror novel Transplant. Mr. Dizon was born and raised in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn, NY. He participated in local and high school sports at Bishop Loughlin MHS, excelling in wrestling, hockey, and football. The lead vocalist of the Spoiler and the Ducky Boys, he was a key figure on the Brooklyn rock scene during the Punk Revolution of the 70's. Relocating to San Antonio, Texas in the 80's, he moonlighted as a pro wrestler while working as a legal assistant. He successfully pursued a BA at UTSA and degrees in Korean martial arts during the 90's. He currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri where he is studying for his MA in English at UMKC. Mr. Dizon has been writing suspense and thriller works for over twenty-five years.

Transplant is a tale of murder and mayhem that unfolds as a missing supermodel found in the streets of NYC leads the police to an East Harlem brownstone. They discover four Bellevue doctors trapped in a basement under siege by kidnapped NBA superstar Jerome Browne and a robotic-limbed man known as Combo. The police find other kidnap victims who have been subjects of medical experiments. Yet the doctors’ alibi proves airtight as they assign blame to a mysterious Dr. Cyclops who has masterminded the diabolical project. Transplant is a 2013 Bad Day Books Rogue Writing Contest finalist.

Look for Transplant in 2014.

Larry Ivkovich

Assent Publishing is very happy to announce the signing of author Larry Ivkovich, and his wonderful book, Blood of the Daxas.

Blood of the Daxas is a fantasy adventure, complete with magical beings, warring factions, and a few intriguing steampunk elements. Inspired in small part by Moby Dick, the storyline follows the plight of the last Dragon in the world of men.

Larry is a former IT professional, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, who has been writing genre fiction for over thirty years. His work has been published in various online and print publications including Anotherealm, Tower of Light Fantasy, Noctober, M-Brane SF, Kenoma, Afterburn SF, and Penumbra; and the anthologies Triangulations, Twisted Cat Tales, Abaculus III, Raw Terror, SQ Magazine, and Shelter of Daylight. He was a finalist in the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future contest and was the 2010 recipient of the CZP/Rannu Fund Award for fiction.

Larry is a member of the Pittsburgh Worldwrights, a local writing/critique group, and lives Pennsylvania with his wife, Martha, and two cats, Trixie and Milo.

Look for Blood of the Daxas in 2014.

Janine-Langley Wood

Bad Day Books is pleased to announce the signing of author Janine-Langley Wood and her engaging horror novel Melt. Ms. Wood has been writing since childhood, firstly in the form of comic strips. At around nine years old she cut her teeth on horror reading, sneaking the Pan Books of Horror off her auntie’s bookshelves. Having recently recollected some of the old Pan books, she was thrilled to have two horror stories of her own accepted for anthologies edited by Johnny Mains, the Pan expert who wrote the introduction to the 2010 reprint of the first Pan Book of Horror. Janine’s eerie tale, The Baby Trap, which appeared in The Screaming Book of Horror (edited by Mains) alongside renowned authors like Charlie Higson, also made it onto Ellen Datlow's 2013 longlist for Best Horror of the Year.

Melt finds us in an ever more crime blighted world where the cry goes out for a newer, tougher superhero: enter The Malakh, a shape-shifting entity with a penchant for comedy and an unstoppable appetite for cold hard justice. Father Fionn Malloy is the faith-shaken priest who unwittingly resurrects the entity, but to what fateful end? Melt is a 2013 Bad Day Books Rogue Writing Contest finalist.

Janine-Langley Wood grew up in Leeds, England. She earned her M.A. in Creative Writing at The University of Northumbria, Newcastle, and now teaches Creative Writing and English to students ranging from prison inmates to foundation degree level writers. She has visited as a guest author in children’s schools for Art-Forms Leeds and in The Calderdale Writers’ Roadshow.

Her literary and horror stories and her poetry have appeared in e-zines, journals and anthologies in the UK and USA. Her script has been shortlisted by the BBC and shown at The Courtyard Theatre, West Yorkshire Playhouse. She has gained two writing awards: a Northern Promise Award in 2003 from Northern Arts, and a Granny Award from Stories for Children magazine. Melt is her first horror novel. She is currently adapting her Northern Promise Award novel into the horror genre.

Look for Melt in 2014.

Welcome Janine, Larry, and John!!!

Joyce Hertzoff

Assent Publishing’s Phantasm Books Imprint is pleased to announce the signing of author Joyce Hertzoff and her new novel The Crimson Orb.

Eighteen-year-old Nissa Day yearns to swordfight like the boys at the Duke's Manor. When Madoc, the Duke's youthful wizard, and the magic teacher, fails to return after a journey to his ailing father, Nissa and her older brother Blane set out on a quest to free him from the ruthless men who captured him to help them find the legendary Crimson Orb.

Ms. Hertzoff earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the City University of New York, and spent forty-five years in the scientific information publishing business as a translator and indexer. For twenty years, she was a manager of other scientists and watched as the business evolved from the printing of paper journals to electronic processing and production.

After retiring in 2008, she left scientific writing behind and turned her efforts to fiction. She participated in the National Novel Writing program for the first time that year and has continued with the program every year since. Her short mystery, Natural Causes, appears in the anthology The Darwin Murders.

Look for The Crimson Orb in 2014.

Jax Daniels

Assent Publishing’s fantasy imprint Phantasm Books is pleased to sign New Orleans author Jax Daniels for the A Winki Witherspoon Adventure series. Dead Man’s Deal, the first book in the series, is a contemporary, urban fantasy that takes place in modern day New Orleans.

When Winki Witherspoon discovers her late husband’s mysterious mansion she finds herself immersed in a magical world of brutal conflict, where her own survival depends on unraveling the shadowy circumstances surrounding his death... and secret life.

Dead Man's Deal is a Finalist in the 2013 Assent Publishing EPIC FANTASY Contest.

In what she refers to as Life 1.0, Jax Daniels developed software and designed websites. In Life 2.0, she is now a fantasy writer, a stained glass artist, and a yoga enthusiast. She lives in New Orleans with her husband and their two dogs.

Look for Dead Man's Deal in 2014.

Barton Paul Levenson

Assent Publishing’s fantasy imprint Phantasm Books is excited to welcome Barton Paul Levenson, author of Max and Me, Year of the Human, and The Celibate Succubus.

In his new novel, Dark Gods of Alter Telluria, Milo Stanton has a professorship in London and a beautiful girlfriend. One day he wakes to find himself trapped in the parallel universe of Alter Telluria, a world of Victorian culture and nations ruled by vampires and witches!

Dark Gods of Alter Telluria is a Finalist in the 2013 Assent Publishing EPIC FANTASY Contest.

Mr. Levenson has a degree in physics and is happily married to poet Elizabeth Penrose. He confuses everybody by being both a born-again Christian and a liberal Democrat. His work has appeared in Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, ChiZine, Cricket, Cicada, and the New York Review of Science Fiction, and he won the Confluence Short Story Contest two years in a row.

Look for Dark Gods of Alter Telluria in 2014.

Bernadette Sukley

Breathless Books, Assent Publishing’s romance imprint, is pleased to announce the signing of author Bernadette Sukley for her contemporary romance novel Find Me a Woman, set in Minneapolis.

Kate Spiegel, widow, single mother of a 3-year old, and co-owner of Rainier Public Relations, suddenly has the career opportunity she’s dreamed of: high-profile client, Jonah Messner, hottie quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings. But life in the field is more than Kate bargained for when the quarterback ignores the cheerleader and goes for the girl in the stands. It takes time for this quarterback to admit he needs a little help from the sidelines.

Bernadette Sukley’s work has appeared in Sports Illustrated for Women and Women’s Health for Dummies. She has been writing novels for the last decade and completed her first novel in 2005 for the National Novel Writing Month challenge. In 2008, she published Hurricane. In addition to writing, Ms. Sukley spends late nights in a trauma unit, where she collects fodder for future works.

Look for Find Me a Woman in 2014.

Welcome Bernadette, Barton, Jax, and Joyce!!!

D. Dominik Wickles

Breathless Books is pleased to announce the signing of author D. Dominik Wickles and her romance novel Hong Kong Treasure.

Hong Kong famous movie star and director Deshi Han’s busy life left no time for love. Then on a charity trip to the Philippines after a devastating typhoon, he assumes responsibility for a young woman stranded with no memory. As his work life unravels and the danger to Annie increases, will he finally admits he’s in love with her, and will it be too late?

Ms. Wickles earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Mercyhurst University. She has spent over a decade teaching computer classes and editing newsletters. Included in her love for computers and the written word, is her love for fiction.

Ms. Wickles has explored many genres including horror, humor, and poetry. Hong Kong Treasure is her first romance novel. She is a member of Pennwriters and two local writing groups. She lives in Northwestern Pennsylvania with her husband, two sons, and one frisky feline. In her spare time, she builds and decorates dollhouses.

Look for Hong Kong Treasure in 2014.

Denise Robarge Tanaka

Assent Publishing and the Phantasm Books Imprint are completely thrilled to announce the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the 2013 Assent Publishing EPIC FANTASY Contest! We have signed Denise Robarge Tanaka and her captivating new fantasy book, Touch.

One dreaded night, a mysterious clang sounds in the skies above Centralia City. Since then, everyone who hears it suffers from a curse where touching causes unbearable pain. Only two people are immune: a cloistered young woman and a ne'er-do-well young man. Together, they embark on a perilous journey to find the source and cure the world.

Denise Robarge Tanaka is a lifelong writer and creator of an original fantasy world. She graduated from Sonoma State University in Northern California with a bachelor's degree in English literature. She shares her life with a husband from Japan and two grown daughters. Raising an inter-cultural family and working full-time doesn't leave much time for writing, but her first passion is to share the many stories playing out in her mind. For enjoyment, she attends local SF Cons, the Ren Faire, hands out candy on Halloween night, and finds any excuse to dress up in costume. As if she isn't busy enough, she also enjoys tracing her genealogy back to the brickyards of Victorian England, the early settlements of Quebec and Maryland, and the rustic hills of western Tennessee. She enjoys living in the San Francisco Bay Area but wishes she could experience more snow.

Look for Touch in 2014.

Linda M. Crate

Phantasm Books is thrilled to welcome Pennsylvania author Linda M. Crate. Born in Pittsburgh yet raised in the rural town of Conneautville, Ms. Crate has been writing ever since she was thirteen years old.

In her new fantasy novel, Amethyst Epiphany, a small town girl named Calliope is thrust into a world she only believed existed in books. After the death of her mother, her Uncle Oliver takes her on the promised boat ride for her sixteenth birthday that changes her life forever. Surrounded by creatures and a mysterious realm that her mother and uncle had hidden from her in childhood, she learns to navigate life on borrowed wings in this mystical kingdom.

Amethyst Epiphany is a Finalist in the 2013 Assent Publishing EPIC FANTASY Contest.

Ms. Crate earned her bachelor's degree in English-Literature at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2009 and her poetry, articles, reviews, and short stories have been published in a myriad of magazines both online and in print. She has been nominated twice for a Pushcart Prize.

Look for Amethyst Epiphany in 2014.

Brendan Murphy

Phantasm Books, Assent Publishing’s fantasy imprint, is pleased to announce the signing of Australian author Brendan Murphy and the Sebastian and the Hibernauts series.

Sebastian, a Yorkshire lad, is called upon to save Hibercadia, but can he succeed when he is yet to realize his powers and half the realm is bent on his destruction? Get ready to be transported to a world brimful of hunkypunks and gobbleratches, quizzing glasses and magic shillelaghs, mechanical fireworks and night rainbows, tragedy and joy. Beyond the Gloaming is a dashing adventure story, whodunit and fantasy quest. It is also a coming of age novel, exploring the psychological landscape of a brutalized boy as he grows into a teenager.

In the Gloaming is a Finalist in the 2013 Assent Publishing EPIC FANTASY Contest.

Brendan Murphy was raised in Sheffield, England, with dreams of becoming a writer, and has written every day since he was nine years old. He read medicine in London and psychiatry in Manchester, before moving to Australia in 1999 to practice at the world-renowned Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Centre. Mentored by Australian of the Year 2010, Professor Pat McGorry, he left after seven years to establish his own youth mental health service in southeast Melbourne and is a notable proponent of early intervention in psychiatry. He lives with his wife, Katrina, and his two children, Sebastian and Violette, in a sprawling property built for the composer, Dorian Le Gallienne. They share their garden with a mob of kangaroos, a wombat, two possums, any number of creepy crawlies and some very feisty kookaburras. When he is not writing or delivering therapy, Brendan devotes his time to yoga, literature, football and family.

Look for In the Gloaming in 2014.

Welcome Brendan, Linda, Denise, and D. Dominik!!!

Cynthia Rosi

Bad Day Books is excited to announce the signing of Cynthia Rosi. Cynthia Rosi emigrated by herself from Seattle, Washington to London, England two months after finishing her undergrad work, and spent the next eight years working as a reporter in London’s inner city. While chairwoman of the nationally respected writing group, the London Women Writers' Network, she wrote and sold the novels Motherhunt and Butterfly Eyes. In 2003 she moved back to the US with her family and won the Ohio Writer’s Contest for her short story Salmon.

Cynthia’s work has appeared in YOU (Mail on Sunday), The Sunday Express, and Bella, plus The Christian Science Monitor, Latitude News and many other publications. Short stories appear in the anthologies: While You Were Out, and Across Town, as well as Girls Just Want to Have Fun: The Cosmopolitan Book of Short Stories, and EM3. Cynthia is a member of ASJA and the Society of Authors, and currently an MFA candidate at Antioch, LA.

Raised in a family of healers, Cynthia operated an Energy Healing practice for ten years which supported women who were healing out of abuse. She then taught the method for a further two years. During that time Cynthia held retreats, ran workshops, and spoke regularly to small and large groups.

In The Light Catcher, after moving to a majestic house on the coast of England, Chantal Gladstone struggles to balance her fears of her husband's interest in a professional mistress with solving the mystery of the odd children next door, whose genders are hidden. Woven with elements of mystery and the supernatural, the story raises the question: What is right - the truth you live with, or the truth you believe?

Look for The Light Catcher!

Welcome Cynthia!!!

Grete DeAngelo

Assent Publishing’s Panoptic Books Imprint is pleased to announce the signing of women’s fiction author Grete DeAngelo. Grete DeAngelo has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in history from Lehigh University. She worked at Rodale Press and Prevention magazine as a fact-checker and researcher, at King’s College in public relations, and as a reporter for various regional newspapers. She has also worked as a proofreader for a court reporter’s agency and as a personal chef cooking in people’s homes. Currently she teaches middle and high school history, geography, and journalism at MMI Preparatory School in Freeland, PA. She is the mother of two boys.

In Giving Myself Away, divorced mother Adrienne Manning is devastated to find out she’s pregnant after messing around with a guy who’s clearly not boyfriend material. He’s a lonely mortician with a spiteful daughter, and things just happened late one night after a funeral. When Adrienne meets George Freihoffer in a coffee shop to tell him the news, he asks her to get married and promises to take care of her. Adrienne hasn’t been single long and she doesn’t trust men so easily after Drew, her high school sweetheart turned husband, left her for a perky soccer mom. Giving Myself Away grabs readers by the heart and guides them through a realistic journey fraught with tough decisions from various perspectives.

Available now!

Welcome Grete!!!

Carol Moessinger

Breathless Books is delighted to announce that we have signed Carol Moessinger and her lovely novel, A Woman’s Role.

In this elegant story placed in a 1950’s Pennsylvania mining town, Celina, a twenty-three-year-old pink collar worker, juggles her family’s old world values with her desire to become a journalist. When Hungarian immigrant Stephen Meszaros comes into her life, they become a couple. Her parents are thrilled and naturally they expect the couple to live nearby, but Stephen and Celina have envisioned a very different future.

A Woman’s Role is a Finalist in the 2013 Assent Publishing GREAT ROMANCE Contest.

Carol Moessinger grew up in rural, central Pennsylvania, worked for the Navy Department in Washington, D.C., and married and raised her family. Her ethnic heritage, coal mining family, and educational choices support her desire to create a unique perspective and express deeper insights into human behavior as it is expressed in her writing.

Ms. Moessinger's diverse interests have provided her opportunities to lead seminars and teach workshops on subjects such as Jungian spirituality, the New Testament, Celtic symbols, substance abuse, and coping with mid-life issues. She welcomes the term Renaissance woman. She devotes her free time to gardening, nutrition, and cooking.

Available now!

Killarney Sheffield

With the first wave of her wand, author Killarney Sheffield swept us into the world of her enchanting Regency Romance, Love’s Magic. Breathless Books is excited to announce that we have signed Ms. Sheffield and Love’s Magic.

Celeste Summers is a stubborn, self-reliant magician. Her best friend and sidekick is a mischievous rabbit named Dexter, so of course she’s also a vegetarian. To her horror she discovers any one of these things can get you burned at the stake in 1820.

Love’s Magic is a Finalist in the 2013 Assent Publishing GREAT ROMANCE Contest.

Before becoming a published author, Killarney Sheffield was a natural horsemanship trainer, farrier, and English and Western riding coach. She currently lives on a Canadian cattle ranch with her family and her thoroughbred stallion, Stamp de Gold, whom she lovingly refers to as ‘Love Monkey’. Ms. Sheffield is an Epic Award Finalist, and P & E Best Steampunk/Romance winner.

Watch for Love’s Magic.

Kim Carmichael

When an author makes an impression like Kim Carmichael with her wonderful contemporary romance series Indelibly Marked and the first book Permanent, we at Assent Publishing can’t help but respond. We’re thrilled to announce the signing of Kim Carmichael and her wonderful Indelibly Marked series!

To kick off this entertaining series, a lovely accountant’s calculated attempt to fit in entangles her with Hollywood's hottest tattoo artist who thrives on standing out. Worlds collide as the two decide what is truly Permanent.

Permanent, book #1 of the Indelibly Marked series, is a Finalist in the 2013 Assent Publishing GREAT ROMANCE Contest.

Available now!

D.R. Ransdell

Assent Publishing and the Breathless Books Imprint are absolutely thrilled to announce the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the 2013 Assent Publishing GREAT ROMANCE Contest! We have signed author D.R. Ransdell and her positively delightful young adult romance, Thai Twist. We were completely enthralled with this wonderful YA.

Thai Twist is a refreshing view of young adult life and the coming of age through unique world travel experiences. Gina spends her trip to Thailand chasing down an elderly friend’s brother. She falls in love with his mysterious grandson and an unfamiliar culture along the way.

D.R. Ransdell is a dedicated writer, traveler, and musician. She teaches writing at the University of Arizona in Tucson, and moonlights in a mariachi band. She splits her time between writing and travel, which gives her a chance to use her favorite cultural settings. Thailand is a favorite destination because of the friendly people, fascinating temples, and wonderful beaches. Other favorite destinations include Venice, Italy, Paris, France, and Durango, Mexico, where she had her first job teaching English.

Although D.R. is from Illinois, she’s happy to live in the warm Arizona climate. She shares a residence with several cats, who keep her entertained with birds and lizards.

Available now!


Welcome Carol, Killarney, Kim, and D.R.!!!

Mark Meier

Bad Day Books is elated to announce the signing of Mark Meier. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Mark Meier moved as a child with his family first to Iowa then to Pennsylvania before attending college near Boston, where he won a string of awards for fiction and essays. He taught in the public schools of Boston and New Orleans after graduation and also worked on the side as a freelance translator and photographer, tasks he largely began while living in Germany. Meier also continued to write, drafting his first novel during graduate school.

In his new suspense thriller Wisecrack, Selma Saddiqi, recently fired from the CIA, wants to prevent war between the US and Iran after two car bombings on American soil. Unfortunately, she’s a suspect – an analyst, not an action hero – and won’t risk herself to save others. Noah Amonie wants to solve the bombings because he blames himself for the death of one of the victims. Haunted by visions, Noah fears insanity and his dad’s involvement in the attacks. Their lives in danger, the unlikely pair find each other and flee their surveillants to follow a series of clues, while they pursue different answers.

Meier considered but ultimately declined a career in intelligence, instead working as an environmental consultant on tasks for the United Nations and the US EPA before setting out full-time as a freelance writer. His writing has appeared in various venues, and he remains at work on his next novel and a play.

Available now!

Welcome Mark!!!

Ian Kane

Farther Books is excited to announce that we have signed Ian Kane. Ian Kane was born in Northern California. After completing high school, he joined the military where he served for a total of eight years. Upon receiving his honorable discharge, he attended college and studied English and creative writing. Later, he worked as a writer, manager, and fitness expert. Always a storyteller at heart, he has made the transition to doing what he loves most, creating new worlds and universes, which he passionately tries to make as real and immersive as possible.

Fading Empires, his new thrilling sci-fi, action and adventure series, is packed with multifarious characters, suspense, and plot-twists. There is something to please readers of all tastes and interests in this foray into a dark, not so distant future. Altered realities permeate this sinister future where unlikely heroes, nefarious villains, and ruthless super-gangs clash for dominance. Monstrous creatures also rampage through the desolate landscapes of the reality that is Fading Empires.

"Fading Empires will enable readers to escape into another world, and come along on a roller-coaster ride of epic proportions. My passion is to write about characters whom turn trials into triumphs, and I want readers to come away with a feeling of transformation and hope." --Ian Kane

Available now!


Welcome Ian!!!

Michael Hibbard

Assent Publishing’s Phantasm Books Imprint is pleased to announce the signing of author Michael Hibbard for his startling Walking Dream Series.

Devlin is the first book in this nine novel series that explores the spiritual, philosophical, and scientific possibilities of the universe as a Waking Dream, and those who changed the course of human reality with their will. Set in present day, the story begins in a strange town, hidden in the mountains of Virginia, where the battle for the control of reality has begun. Over the centuries, people known as Dreamers and Immortals learned how to change the dream by tapping into the primordial force known as the Weird – the energy responsible for the creation of the physical world. Follow Auber Weir and the Dreamers of Devlin as they uncover a plot by one of the five Prime Immortals to seize control of the Waking Dream and alter the face of reality.

By the end of the book, one is left to wondered if they are a Dreamer, an Immortal, or a merely a Sleeper. This is a fantasy/reality twist at its best.

Originally from New Jersey, Michael currently lives in Chester, Virginia with his wife and daughter. He studied at DeSales University in Allentown, Pennsylvania, majoring in English Literature and Theology. In addition to writing, Michael is addicted to Idiot Guides, armchair physics, and books from the early twentieth century. His hobbies include illustration, gaming of all varieties, and playing electric guitar. During the day, he is a senior business analyst for a state agency, and can code in eleven different programming languages. By his own proclamation, Michael is the ultimate geek.

Available now!


Welcome Michael!!!

Deborah Riley-Magnus

Path Maker Books and Breathless Books are thrilled to announce that we have signed Deborah Riley-Magnus. Deborah Riley-Magnus is an author and an Author Success Coach. She has a twenty-seven year professional background in marketing, advertising and public relations as a writer for print, television and radio. As an Author Success Coach she focuses exclusively on publicity, marketing and promotional solutions for authors. She writes fiction and non-fiction.

Under Path Maker Books: While authors are aware they need to promote and market their book, they have no clue how to go about it. In this turbulent publishing landscape, authors who can’t create book sales will lose. Finding Author Success: Discovering and Uncovering the Marketing Power Within Your Manuscript, Second Edition is the success blueprint.

Under Breathless Books: Lucifer’s Guide is the first of a two-part romance series, and part of the Celestial Watch Chronicles … Heavenly Romance on Earth! Rafe Bennett is an old-west, hard-riding outlaw. Vivi is the Angel assigned to watch over him. When she falls from heaven and into his arms, Lucifer makes sure all hell breaks loose.

Ms. Riley-Magnus has lived on both the east and west coast of the United States and has traveled the country widely. She is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and recently returned after living in Los Angeles, California for several years. She also enjoys creating culinary delights from her days as a professional chef.

Finding Author Success: Discovering and Uncovering the Marketing Power Within Your Manuscript, Second Edition and
      and Cross Marketing Magic for Authors: Developing New Avenues for Advanced Book Marketing are available now!


and look for romantic fiction, Lucifer’s Guide in 2014

Welcome Deborah!!!

Paul DeThroe

Phantasm Books is thrilled to announce that we have signed Paul DeThroe, author of Rise of the Raven Knights. The book is the first in the exciting Suffer the Witch Chronicles series.

There’s a strange old mystic woman in the neighborhood, and when Gazzy Windstorm tries to save the dying witch, she endows him with the powerful ability to shape-shift into a dragon. Now he must lead an army of undead knights into battle against black witchcraft and evil witches.

Rise of the Raven Knights takes an average, contemporary man into the realm of the supernatural, surrounded by demons, shape-shifters, ghosts, danger from evil forces and a few ill-timed magical disasters. In the end Gazzy must face another extraordinary transformation of his own, and a vow to fight evil until his death.

Paul DeThroe was born in Kentucky and currently resides in Indiana with his children. He graduated with honors from Indiana State University, College of Business in 2011 and also has an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Arts from Cincinnati State Technical & Community College. DeThroe’s writing influences include Bernard Cornwell, Ernest Hemingway, and J.R.R. Tolkien. You may find some of DeThroe’s short stories in Death Head Grin E-zine; Indiana Horror Anthology, 2011; Indiana Science Fiction Anthology, 2011; Indiana Crime Anthology, 2011; Shwibly E-zine; Static Movement's HELL anthology 2012; and The Arts & Entertainment Magazine/Eerie Digest.

Available now!

CN Bring

Bad Day Books is thrilled to announce that we have signed CN Bring’s novel The Pact. The story is the first in a series about a strong female character surviving in a predominately man’s world.

Commander Celia Kelly is a perceptive Naval Intelligence Officer rebuilding her life after the tragic loss of her husband. Newly assigned a mission planning Intel for a SEAL Team, the suspicious suicide of a fellow Officer has Kelly questioning everything. With the help of a one of a kind secretary, a by the book assistant, and a Navy SEAL, Kelly discovers she’s been set up. Digging relentlessly, nothing is as it seems. Someone is after twenty million dollars that disappeared when Kelly’s husband went MIA and now that someone is after her! With surprises at the turn of every page, the original characters and three dimensional plot lines keep the suspense going until the very end.

CN Bring comes from an Army family with relatives that continue to serve. It was natural for her to gravitate toward military intrigue and suspense. Ms. Bring earned her Associates Degree in Criminal Investigation for Private Investigation. Her extensive research and life experience lend authenticity to her writing. She is a member of Christian Motorcyclist Association, Military Writers Society of America, and Women’s National Book Association.

The Pact and The Lie are available now!

Welcome Paul and CN!!!

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