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In an industry facing massive change and upheaval, only publishing efforts designed to see the possibilities and embrace the coming challenges will survive. Assent Publishing is a groundbreaking publishing business model in a world loaded with half-effort e-publishers and dying old school traditional publishers. Built on the premise that the publishing industry will be drastically different in the very near future, the company intends to be part of a brave new publishing world.

Assent Publishing is the first publisher of any size to create an exclusive, internal, professionally run educational system for their contracted authors designed specifically to give them a powerful marketing advantage. The Assent Academy not only trains Assent authors for basic and advanced book marketing skills, it also teaches Assent staff both refresher and new expertise for better publishing, editing, cover design, formatting, and distribution practices on an ongoing basis. The publishing industry is poised for another drastic shift at any given moment, and only a company prepared with a forward watching eye and creative solutions will succeed. Assent Publishing is writing the book on the publishing industry’s future.

As a reader, do you find that your favorite authors just can't write fast enough to keep you busy? Are you thirsty for more? There is a wonderful new world just waiting for you. But with so many books to choose from, how do you find the good ones? It is our mission to connect you with authors you will love, whether in paper or ebooks.

We are here to serve your passion, whether writing or reading. Our staff has decades of combined experience and are in tune with the industry. Our dream is to impel dedicated authors to success, and never to leave readers thirsty for words longer than it takes them to purchase their next book.

Les Denton, President
Assent Publishing

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